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Ray Gates’ and Brian Rosenthal’s Pharmacy Client Dismissed and Appellate Court Then Upheld the Dismissal

In June 2010, the California Court of Appeal affirmed in Whittemore v. Owens, 185 Cal. App. 4th 1194 (2010) the trial court’s dismissal of the claims against our client a retail pharmacy. In the original trial court action, Ray Gates and Brian Rosenthal successfully argued that the doctrine of “unclean hands” bars the plaintiff from recovery as she was engaging in illegal conduct. Plaintiff appealed this judgment arguing that the Drug Dealer Liability Act (Health and Safety Code § 11700 et seq.) created an exception to the unclean hands doctrine. Ray Gates and Brian Rosenthal also represented the pharmacy during the appeal. The appellate court affirmed the Judgment of Dismissal and published the decision.